Boy Scout Air Rifle Safety Information

Air Rifles – Information, Safety, and Help with Your Rifle Shooting Badge


If you’re a Boy Scout working toward your Rifle Shooting Badge, this resource will help if you’ve chosen option B of the requirements. When it comes to the term ‘airsoft,’ it can be used to describe either a particular type of activity, for training and learning purposes, as well as, a weapons system. Many know what BB guns, rifles, and handguns are and essentially, airgunsare a subsidiary of the real models. Airsoft are extremely realistic and that is why it is imperative to treat them with the same respect and fully educate yourself about proper handling and firing techniques. Below are some questions that can be utilized by owners of either rifles or air rifles, as well as answers so everyone has a better understanding of the weapons systems.

Important Considerations

Why is it important to treat firearms and airsoft guns as if they are the same?

There are many different reasons why people should treat airsoft electric rifles and firearms as if they are the same, but the most important reason to keep in mind in safety. Even though the airsoft rifles do not use the typical bullet, they use pellets (plastic BBs that are biodegradable) and paintballs. When you think about a plastic pellet – you may not consider the fact that they can cause a lot of damage and injuries, but it is true.

The ammunition that is used in the pellet guns have the ability to permeate the skin, additionally the airsoft rifles are so realistic that the force and recoil they have is the same as their firearm ‘models.’ These airsoft weapons are becoming so lifelike that many different government agencies and starting to use them for training purposes. The military utilizes them as well as many police academies, the FBI training and such.

What type of protection should be utilized in conjunction with the airsoft systems?

Any person who decides to use airsoft weapons should always remember to wear the proper eye protection. One of the first rules people should remember is to never shoot towards or near someone who does not have the proper eyewear on because many things can go wrong. Additionally, it is suggested to wear a vest as well as other padding is desired. They have many tactical vests available on the market to date for purchase and whether or not the airsoft rifle is being used for recreational or training purposes, it cannot be stressed enough to act as though is a real firearm.

What are the similar laws throughout the states surrounding airsoft rifles?

The top law that seems to be throughout every state is that you cannot alter, remove, or intentionally obliterate the markings that whichever state has for indicating that the airsoft rifle/pistol is an imitation weapon. Many of the types of BB guns and airsoft rifles will be painted bright orange, but many professionals with a trained eye have stated that they are unable to tell the difference when looking at them without the orange tip.

In addition, a person cannot threaten with the weapon, or try to sell them in mass quantities without proper licensing.

How is hunting directly linked to renewable wildlife resources?

Hunters and anyone who has been living off the land plays an integral part to renewable wildlife resources. This includes things like not taking more than is necessary and certainly not hurting the natural habitats/environments. There are many different rules surrounding times of the year (hunting season) that certain animals can be hunted and this helps regulate population without causing extinction. Hunting and fishing laws are put in place for a reason, but most importantly, because every animal and plant on this Earth plays a part in sustainability. If a hunter were to go and continue to kill a certain breed of animal (then multiply that by millions) you can quickly see how an animal can become extinct.

Are there any special laws in regards to ammunition and the use of airsoft rifles within the state?

More and more states are starting to create laws surrounding airsoft rifles and their ammunition. In some states, permits may be required and the ammunition will never be sold to minors.

How can I become involved in the different activities that involve shooting air rifles?

It is very simple to become involved in different airsoft activities. Conducting a quick search on the Internet would be the quickest way to narrow down the local areas that offer such activities. Many people worldwide are into the tactical games that involve airsoft rifles and of course, there are shooting ranges. It is becoming more popular to see airsoft rifles on the range.

How Airguns Work and Tips to Keep in Mind

Can you name the different parts/sections of the air rifle and tell how they function?

Similar to firearms, again, it cannot be mentioned enough times – is that the airsoft rifles, handguns etc. are very lifelike. There is no part of a real firearm that is not on an airsoft model, which includes the same barrel lengths, triggers, silencers, scope, sites and more. Airsoft utilizes air cartridges, which are different types of gases. Some people prefer one over others, but the green gas is best for the environment. Also gear boxes and batteries and well and spring are what you will find inside of an airsoft weapon.

Action – Stock – Barrel is an easier way to remember it. The action is all the inner workings, the stick in the handle and barrel is where the projectile will be coming out from. They all vary in size depending on what model is purchased.

What are the three fundamental rules when it comes to airsoft/gun handling?

Really, the fundamentals comes down to common sense. Keep the safety on, never shoot at anyone, especially those without proper eye protection and when playing/participating in airsoft ‘games’ only airsoft is allowed.

What are the two most popular ammunitions available for air rifles?

Pellets and Paintballs are the most widely used ammunition in airsoft weapons.

What are the five essential rules in regards to properly and safely shooting a rifle?

  • Remember to always keep the muzzle (barrel) of the gun in a safe direction – not towards anyone.
  • Do not load weapon until it is needed.
  • Do not solely rely on your gun’s ‘safety’ feature.
  • Check all surroundings around the target area.
  • Use the proper ammunition.
  • Wear the proper safety goggles, protection to remain safe.

How do you clean an air rifle properly and what will you need?

Upkeep of airsoft weapons is simple; you should wipe them down and ensure they do not get overly wet. Some will not function properly when wet. Wiping dirt and grime from the small crevices, helps maintain optimal working condition as well as oiling the spring within. For cleaning inside of the barrel, there are rifle-cleaning BBs that can be purchased – which makes for easy cleaning.

Which points should be considered when purchasing an air rifle?

The first thing to consider when purchasing an air rifle would be what exactly the air rifle is going to be used for. While many use them for recreational purposes, some may utilize them for more learning how to shoot properly, aiming and personal safety reasons.

The next thing to consider is whether you would like to purchase an automatic, semi-automatic, or manual pump action airsoft gun. Many of the semi-automatic become fully automatic quickly and there are many different ways to properly modify the airsoft weapons. Additionally, it is important to remember that the recoil is just the same as if you were firing a real firearm. You do not want to purchase an air rifle that you are unable to shoot properly. Some may have too much power, and when you cannot properly handle/shoot the gun – it can be very dangerous.

In addition, the type of ammunition that is going to be chosen is going to come into play when making a final purchase. Some air rifles may not be compatible with the form of ammunition chosen.

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The biggest thing to remember is air rifle safety first! There is no reason to get involved in any situation that utilizes forearms, airsoft or not without the proper knowledge, handling, and safety techniques being utilized.