Beeman Chief II .22 PCP Air Rifle, Wood

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Indulge in a blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality with the Beeman Chief II .22 PCP Air Rifle. Tailored to satisfy both the discerning eye and the keen shooter, this air rifle melds the timeless appeal of its wooden body with cutting-edge shooting technology to deliver an unparalleled experience on the range.

The Beeman Chief II does not merely captivate with its rustic charm but enthralls shooters with its impressive functional features. Boasting a rifled barrel and a capacity of 10 rounds, the Chief II ensures that each pellet is propelled with utmost accuracy towards your target. The fiber optic front and rear sights enhance target acquisition, ensuring a clear sight picture even in less than optimal lighting conditions.

Designed for smooth operation, the bolt-action mechanism allows for rapid firing while retaining precision, making it a weapon of choice for both plinking and target practice sessions. With a pre-charged pneumatic powerplant, it delivers consistent power and enables you to take up to 50 shots per fill, allowing prolonged enjoyment before needing to refill. A manual safety feature ensures each shot is a conscious, controlled decision, contributing to a safe shooting environment.

This air rifle, weighing 6.80 lbs and with an overall length of 39.00", assures comfort and manageability, accommodating extended shooting sessions with ease. The 11mm dovetail opens a gateway to customizing your Beeman Chief II, allowing for additional optical attachments to further enhance your shooting accuracy and pleasure. With a medium loudness level, it maintains a balanced auditory presence, providing a satisfying shooting experience without being overly intrusive.

Choosing the Beeman Chief II is electing for a superior, balanced, and sophisticated shooting experience, where every pull of the trigger echoes with accuracy, power, and style. Beeman invites you to define your shooting journey, crafting each shot with precision and enjoyment.


  • Fiber-Optic Sighting System
  • 2,000 PSI Air Tank Capacity
  • 10-Shot Repeating Functionality
  • Bolt-Action Mechanism
  • European Hardwood Stock Construction
Power Source:
830 FPS w/ 0.22 Cal Pellets
990mm (39")
6.80 lbs
Included Magazine:
10 Rounds
Fire Modes:
Bolt Action
Magazine Model Number:
30 Day Return / 45 Day warranty

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