Airsoft Teams in the United States


Airsoft is a fun and exhilarating game that thousands of people play together every week. It’s similar to paintball, but airsoft guns are much different and allow for a different gameplay style.

You can likely find an airsoft field that hosts events and competitions around your local area—most events happen on weekends. And if you don’t own an airsoft gun or AEG rifle such as the COLT M4A1, many places will have guns and gear available to rent.

Depending on where you live, you can play airsoft inside or outside. Outdoor fields will allow for bigger teams, more strategic tactics, and longer range. Indoor areas can offer CQB style games and can be visited in any weather conditions. Many airsoft fields offer paintball games as well because they are similar.

Having an airsoft team can make the games more fun and help you find people with a similar interest in airsoft. We’ve gathered together a list of several airsoft teams across the US. If you don’t see a team close by, you can head over to Google or Facebook and search “Airsoft in ‘my city’” and look for a team. Or get together with your friends and start a team of your own.


Cobra Urban Combat

Lothian Airsoft Theater

Mt. Doom Paintball and Airsoft

Ridgeline Airsoft

The Foundation Airsoft Association


Kenai Peninsula

Repp Road Paintball Field


Airsoft of Arizona

AWAT Arizona

Fightertown Paintball and Airsoft

Freedom Airsoft

VIP Airsoft

Wild West Paintball and Airsoft Park


Action Town Park

All American Field

Battle Borne Airsoft


Airsoft Battleground

Airsoft Extreme Arena

All Patriot Airsoft

Ambush Airsoft Park

Camp Pendleton Airsoft Park

Code Red Airsoft Park

Combat Enterprises

Combat Paintball Park

CQB City

Dark Wolf

Diamond Corps

DSOC Killhouse

Gamepod Combat Zone

Giant Airsoft Hollywood Sports

Gorilla Airsoft

Hatchet Force

Hill 559

Jungle Island Airsoft Park

Mr. Paintball USA


Playland 707

Sierra AO

Slender Airsoft

Stryker Paintball and Airsoft

Tac City Airsoft

U.S. Airsoft World

Warped Ops

West Coast Adventure Park

805 Airsoft


American Paintball Coliseum – Indoor

Fox Airsoft

Go Airheads

Titan Milsim


Ground Zero Airsoft Field

Mystic Fields of Fire

Tactical Airsoft

Pumpkin Valley Farm


911 Airsoft

Outdoor Extreme

Maple Shade Farm


Battalion Airsoft Arena

Battletown Miami

Black Tiger Airsoft

Combat Zone Sports

Doomsday Airsoft / Route 7

DV8 Airsoft

Indian River Airsoft

Invincibles Airsoft Park

Matrix Paintball / Airsoft

Miami Airsoft

Raptor Airsoft


Airsoft Depot

Arkenstone 1 Paintball and Airsoft

Elite Ops Airsoft

Fort Stewart Airsoft

Georgia Airsoft

GoldEagle Airsoft

Hoppers Paintball and Airsoft

Metropolis Arena

Power Ops

Shanes Hot Shots

SS Airsoft

Team Airsoft


Dogs of War

KAC Kona


Idaho Tactical Games

MAG Airsoft

Meridian Idaho


Badlandz Paintball

Bing Field Paintball and Airsoft

CPX Sports

Legacy Paintball and Airsoft Park

Saltfork Paintball

Urban Warfare Paintball

The 69th STG


Airsoft Revolution

Blast Camp

Butler Indiana Airsoft

Paintball Plex

The Boneyard


Center Mass Airsoft

Drop Zone Paintball Park

Warzone Matrix

Wichita Airsoft


ACS Airsoft

BG Airsoft

PB Asylum


Game2Life Tactical


Paintball Command

Splat ‘Em Airsoft


AllStarr Paintball and Airsoft


Stronghold OPS Airsoft

PnL Paintball

Ultimate Battleground


North East Adventure Paintball and Airsoft Field

Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City


Pasadena Paintball Park (P3) Airsoft

Replay Airsoft Arena

Tactical Airsoft Arena


Harris Farm Airsoft Field

Warrior Village


Airsoft of Kalamazoo

DarkFire Airsoft

Futureball Paintball

Hells Survivors Paintball

Kalamazoo Airsoft

Matrix Airsoft Club

Michigan Tactical Airsoft Center

Motor City Airsoft

UP Airsoft

West Michigan Airsoft, Hoss Family Field


Big Lake Tactical

Crossfire Airsoft MN

MN Pro Paintball


Battle Creek


So Go Airsoft

The Rock Airsoft


Eagle Action Sportz


Electric City Airsoft

Salvo Airsoft

Wild Rose Airsoft & Paintball


Airsoft Battle Park

Cedar Creek Airsoft

Command Decisions Wargames Center

Cool Combat

PBC Sports Park – Charlotte

PBC Sports Park – Greensboro

Southfield Airsoft

North Dakota

Black Rhino Airsoft

New Hampshire

Feel Good Farm Airsoft

RPC Airsoft

New Jersey

Independance Airsoft and Tactical Park

Quick Shot Paintball and Airsoft

Softair NJ

Stryker Airsoft

The Airsoft Factory

New Mexico

Hinkle Family Fun Center

Ruckus paintball and airsoft

575 Havoc



Combat Zone Paintball

New York

Buffalo Battleground

Capital Combat Zone

CNY Airsoft

Cousins Airsoft

High Velocity Paintball

Hudson Valley Airsoft

Hunters Creek Airsoft

Legacy Paintball and Airsoft

R&M Paintball and Airsoft

River City Airsoft

Rochester Airsoft

Strike Force Sports Airsoft

The BrickHouse / The ClubHouse

The Combat Zone Paintball

Zulu 24


Backyard Tactical Training (BTT)

Devils Playground Airsoft Field

Hidden Spring Ranch

i70 Paintball and Airsoft

Ohio Valley Airsoft

Splatter Park


Airsoft Tulsa Indoor Field

Stockyard Airsoft


Action Acres Airsoft

Airsoft Pacific

Camp R&R

CV Paintball and Airsoft Field

Gold Hill Airsoft

Oregon Airsoft Arena and Tactical Store

Peak Airsoft

Splat Action Paintball

The SWAMP Paintball and Airsoft


Ambush Airsoft and Paintball

EAG Combat Simulations

Linglestown Paintball

Mercer Airsoft Center

Poco Loco Paintball Park

Steel City Airsoft

The Battlegrounds

Three Rivers Paintball and Airsoft Park

Rhode Island


Extreme Airsoft

Rhode Island Paintball and Airsoft

Warzone Paintball and Airsoft

South Carolina

Battle Cat Sports

Black Ops Airsoft – South

SQA (aka Escue Airsoft)


Bad Karma Airsoft

Blackwater Marsh Airsoft


Hellhounds Airsoft Field

Moose Herd Airsoft

Nashville Airsoft

Resurrection Airsoft

The Compound Airsoft Facility


5J Extreme Sports

878 Airsoft

Airsoft Revolution 15

D14 Airsoft

Delta Paintball

DFW Adventure Park

Edinburg Paintball Battlegrounds

Forney Airsoft

Fun on the Run Field

La Vernia Airsoft Field

Mission: Airsoft

Paintball Fixx

Paintball Zone

Play Extreme Sports

Tanks Paintball – Sugarland

Temple Tactical and Airsoft


Action Center


SB Paintball


Augusta Airsoft

Ballahack Airsoft

Bethel Battlefield

New Kent PaintBall/Airsoft Games

Pev’s Paintball

RATAC Battlefield

XZone Airsoft


Colchester Paintball

Vermont Airsoft Group (VTAG)


Airsoft Pacific

American Airsoft Club Washington

Nitehawk Airsoft

Paintball Station

The Airsoft Center

West Virginia

M2 Event Center

Tri-State Airsoft Club


Airsoft Arena

BlackOps Airsoft

Edge Paintball and Airsoft

Promised Land Paintball

The Siege Paintball

Twin Cities Airsoft

Did you find a field listed that is no longer active or a field that we should include? Let us know!

Joining an airsoft team is a great way to meet and hang out with people who have a similar passion. One of the best ways to meet people is at an established airsoft playing field. Once you meet some people you can start building lasting relationships.

If none of your friends are playing airsoft, don’t be afraid to show up by yourself. Airsoft teams are always welcoming to new people, even if you’ve never played a game of airsoft before.


How can you find an airsoft team near you?

We suggest using Google and Facebook to find a local airsoft group. You can start by Googling “airsoft team near me” or “airsoft field near me”. Many groups will be on Facebook, or have their own website. If you can’t find a group, you should look for an airsoft field that hosts events. You can go to an even and meet players who are on teams.

Can I join an airsoft team?

Yes. Most airsoft teams have a group chat, forum, or group on social media. An airsoft team is an inclusive group of people that enjoy playing airsoft together. Sometimes there will be friendly competitions between different teams.

Do airsoft teams have rules?

Most teams don’t have a set of rules, but almost every airsoft playing field has rules. The rules usually include a maximum FPS for weapons, require a facemask and eye protection, and keep safety as the top priority.

Is it free to join a team?

Yes. We didn’t find any teams that have a fee. Most airsoft events cost between $10-40 for an all-day event. Your team might have a patch or something similar that they wear to identify themselves, which might cost a few dollars.

Can I start my own airsoft team?

Of course. There are no rules when it comes to building your own airsoft team. If you know other people who play airsoft on a regular basis you can join a team together. You should have a team name and start an online group that allows other airsoft players to find and connect with your team.