Callsign: Nobody Reviews the Arcturus AK-12 PE


Callsign: Nobody Reviews the Arcturus AK-12 PE

The Arcturus AK-12 PE (Performance Enhanced) is a high-performance airsoft gun that offers a range of advanced features. The gun comes equipped with an onboard MOSFET in the V3 gearbox, as well as a variety of metal components, including rear sights, a gas piston assembly, flash hider, and receiver. Additionally, the gun features a folding stock and AK-12 grip that houses the TP 21 motor, providing a comfortable and ergonomic experience for users.

The Arcturus AK-12 PE comes with two magazines and has the combined ergonomics of an AR and AK platform. The box also includes a sticker set, quality control certificate, MOSFET programming guide, Deans to Tamiya connector, and both a high-cap and mid-cap magazine. The gun features a true quick change spring system and rotary dial hop-up, making it easy to adjust for any situation.

However, what sets the Arcturus AK-12 PE apart is its Perun V3PE ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit). This advanced trigger unit has preloaded settings that include adjustable trigger sensitivity, adjustable pre-cocking levels, short-stroke progressive and binary trigger settings, active breaking, a switchable lipo alarm, and automatic decocking. Additionally, the 21 T P A high torque Neodymium motor comes with a steel M I M piston head and an adjustable trigger stopper, allowing users to customize their shooting experience.

Airsoft Station will be carrying more Arcturus products soon, so fans of the AK-12 PE can expect to see new offerings from the company in the near future. Overall, the Arcturus AK-12 PE is an excellent airsoft gun for those looking for a high-performance, customizable option that offers a range of advanced features.