AceTech iTracer Unit, Commander Display & Burst MOSFET Unit, Black

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The innovative minds at AceTech have come up with one of the most tactical and versatile packages to optimize your AEG how you see fit and completely maximize its full potential. This package includes the iTracer Unit, Commander Display, and Burst MOSFET Unit; which can be used in tandem with each other on a single AEG or broken up among multiple rifles. The iTracer unit lights up each BB as it passes through the barrel to provide players with enhanced visibility while sending information from the unit to the Command Display for diagnostics and usage settings. 14mm barrel threads allow the iTracer Unit to be quickly and easily installed on any airsoft gun that also features 14mm barrel threads, no matter if they are gas or electric. The Burst MOSFET Unit (SCU) gives your rifle the option to shoot in customizable bursts, which can be manually set through the Commander Display. Unlike the iTracer Unit, the SCU can only be installed in AEGs that do not already have a MOSFET or burst mode capabilities.Not only does the MOSFET open your rifle up to multi-round burst options, it also acts as a battery indicator, low power warning system, and magazine cutoff to save wear and tear on your AEG when the magazine is empty. the

Airsoft Station recommends that players seek professional installation when upgrading or modifying their airsoft rifle, as to not void any warranties or cause further issue. The Commander Display fine tunes all of the functions that each of the individual upgrades provide, while providing extremely useful information during gameplay. Very easy to use, the Commander Display has 5 key settings that any player can use by just rotating the dial. “Up” counts the users rounds going up from zero, “DN” counts the players rounds down from a set number, “SPD” measures the velocity of the BB as it leaves the barrel, & “ROF” displays the rate of fire. The “ST” setting allows players to fine tune each detail that the Commander Display monitors such as BB weight, low battery indicator, low BB indicator, burst mode quantity, and so much more! Use the included manual to fully investigate all the cool things that the Commander Display can do. AceTech combined three high quality upgrades in one convenient package so you can completely outfit your rifle and get back to the battle at hand.


  • iTracer Compatibility: Standard Airsoft 14mm Barrel Threads
    • Length: 6.1”
    • Weight: .3lbs
    • Powered by 4x AAA Batteries(NOT INCLUDED)
  • Commander Display Compatibility: Standard 20mm Picatinny Rails
    • Length: 4.1”
    • Weight: .1lbs
    • Powered by 2x AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
    • Measures & Records Muzzle Velocity, Energy, & Rate Of Fire,
    • Keeps Track of How Many BBs Are Left / You Have Shot
    • LED Display Screen
  • MOSFET Unit Compatibility: Airsoft AEGS w/o MOSFET or Burst Mode
    • 1-20 Round Burst Mode Capabilities
    • Low Ammo Warning, Battery Indicator, and Low Battery Warning
    • Features Power Saving Mode, Standby, and Auto-Power Off To Prolong Battery Life
    • Magazine Cut Off When Empty
Thread Direction:
14mm Counter Clockwise
30 Day Return / 30 Day Warranty

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