Callsign: Nobody Reviews 4 Top LCT AK Airsoft Rifles

Posted by Nobody on 08/15/23

Callsign: Nobody Reviews 4 Top LCT AK Airsoft Rifles

This time Callsign:  Nobody delves into the world of LTC AK Airsoft Rifles.  LCT is well known for making some of the best AKs in the airsoft market.  These four are his top pics.  Check them out in our stores or right here on!

LCT PP19-01 Vityaz AEG

The LCT Airsoft PP19-01, known as the "Vityaz", is a premium AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) that replicates the rare Russian specops rifle used by OMON police and other law enforcement agencies. Based on the compact AK74U platform and converted to a 9x19 cartridge, this airsoft variant offers a unique and authentic experience for players seeking a special purpose weapon.

Built with steel and reinforced polymer, the PP19-01 offers durability and includes features like a metal Picatinny/Weaver upper rail system, metal folding stock, and twin coupled 50 BB mid-capacity magazines that resemble the real 9x19 magazines. The airsoft rifle is capable of shooting at 390 FPS with 0.20g 6mm BBs, powered by a 22,000 RPM motor. It recommends a 9.6V STICK battery (not included) but is LIPO ready.

The AEG features a full and semi-automatic fire mode, with a 255mm inner barrel, and a Version 3 Gearbox containing high-quality internal components such as a CNC aluminum cylinder head, chrome-plated cylinder, and adjustable hop-up. Perfect for those looking to complete a Russian specops or LEO loadout, the LCT Airsoft PP19-01 is as unique as it is rare, embodying the company's dedication to small-batch production and attention to detail.

LCT AK-47 UN Tactical RISThe LCT AK-47 UN Tactical RIS Rifle is a standout AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) designed for airsoft enthusiasts seeking both functionality and customization. Its robust construction features a full steel body, including an RIS system, receiver, receiver cover, and barrel assembly, ensuring that it's well-suited for harsh battle conditions.

What distinguishes this AK-47 variant is its integrated quad-side Tactical RIS handguard, providing versatility for accessories like vertical grips, flashlights, or optics. The built-in side folding steel stock adds convenience for transportation and adaptability for various combat scenarios.

Internally, the AK-74 UN Rifle boasts a fully upgradeable metal reinforced Version 3 Gearbox, which includes full steel gears, high tension spring, metal spring guide with bearing, reinforced cylinder head, and vacuum piston head. With an FPS of 300, it's suitable for indoor and CQB games.

Additional features include an 85mm steel flash hider, 9mm bearing & bushing set, ergonomic ABS pistol grip, and waffle-style magazine. The fixed front and rear sight add to the rifle's realism and accuracy, while the adjustable hop-up ensures precise targeting.

In summary, the LCT AK-47 UN Tactical RIS Rifle brings together a strong full-metal build and an array of features that allow customization and reliable performance, making it an attractive option for players of all levels and play styles.

LCT AKM Steel Airsoft AEG Rifle

The LCT AKM Steel Airsoft AEG Rifle is a high-quality replica of the classic AKM rifle, offering airsoft enthusiasts an authentic experience. With a length of 920mm and weighing 3.52kg, this AEG comes with a realistic stamped steel receiver and heavy-weight steel barrel, gas piston assembly, front sight, and muzzle. The inclusion of high-quality wood furniture adds to the classic appearance.

The rifle's 150-round mid-capacity magazine is compatible with various AK Series Airsoft AEG magazines, including LCT, Dboy, and CYMA, ensuring convenience during gameplay. Its 6.02mm diameter tightbore inner barrel and 435mm length contribute to enhanced accuracy and range.

Internally, the rifle features a standard Version 3 gearbox with 9mm bearings that are fully upgradeable, allowing for further customization. The adjustable hop-up system and semi/full-auto firing modes enhance shooting precision, while the ergonomic polymer motor grip ensures comfortable handling. The rifle requires a 9.6v small stick type or 7.4v stick LiPo battery (not included), wired to the dust cover with a small Tamiya connector.

Additional features include adjustable front sight post and rear leaf sight, and an included manual and magazine to ensure you're ready to use the rifle straight out of the box. The AEG also comes with a federally mandated blaze orange tip.

In summary, the LCT AKM Steel Airsoft AEG Rifle is a solid choice for collectors or players seeking a durable, authentic, and upgradeable airsoft rifle, combining classic aesthetics with modern functionality.

LCT RPK Real Wood Airsoft LMG

The LCT RPK is an airsoft replica of the Soviet RPK light machine gun, boasting a host of features that set it apart from other models. Designed with a full stamped steel body, heat shield, receivers, receiver cover, and one-piece barrel assembly, this AEG is prepared for the most demanding battle conditions.

With realistic dimensions and weight, the authentic replica offers a functional faux charging handle and Real Wood accents on the handguard and fixed stock, providing an undeniable genuine look. The built-in steel bipod enhances stability and aiming, and it can be folded when mobility is needed.

The rifle includes a 600-round magazine and is capable of firing at 450 FPS, making it a powerful addition to any skirmish. The fully upgradeable metal reinforced Version 3 Gearbox, complete with full steel gears, high tension spring, metal spring guide with bearing, reinforced cylinder head, and vacuum piston head, ensures smooth and durable performance.

Additional features include a built-in mounting plate for AK-style scopes, integrated front sight and adjustable rear leaf sight for accurate targeting, and an ergonomic polymer pistol grip for comfortable handling. The metal precision 9mm bearing and bushing set, combined with an adjustable hop-up, provide optimal control over firing.

In summary, the LCT RPK offers an authentic and robust experience for airsoft enthusiasts. Combining a full steel construction with real wood accents and high-quality internal components, this light machine gun is suitable for players of all levels and play styles, fulfilling the role of a support gunner with finesse and power.