Adjustable Airsoft Scope Mounts

Airsoft guns can use scopes designed for actual firearms or replicas. These components are mostly fixed as snipers prefer to adjust the scope reticle directly. That said, some mounts allow users to make changes to the height or other settings.

If you’re wondering if a scope mount is a necessary addition to your rifle, read on to find out everything you need to know.

Are Adjustable Mounts Necessary?

There are two types of scope mounts. Fixed scope mounts are more popular today, as it’s not strictly necessary for both the scope and mount to be adjustable. Adjustable scope mounts let users perform adjustments not possible using the scope itself.

For example, some adjustable airsoft scope mounts help elevate the scope to an extent. Some find this configuration more comfortable while eliminating the need to purchase a Picatinny rail riser.

On the other hand, some airsoft fans prefer scope mounts that enable them to adjust the optics above the iron sights. They can then aim quickly and comfortably. Note that this configuration is more popular for red dot sights than sniper scopes.

Those accustomed to using only the red dot may find the iron sights intrusive. That’s why some elevation will make instant aiming easier.

Adjustable scope mounts were actually more popular over a decade ago for air guns, as these shooters were in favor of having additional customization choices. Back then, Airgun scopes weren’t as modernized or tactical.

In fact, some scopes were also completely non-adjustable, having no windage or elevation knobs at all. While using these scopes, shooters had to rely on the mount to make precise adjustments.

In modern times, optics technology has advanced to the point of smart rifle scopes, though they are relatively expensive. Adjustable scope mounts for airsoft guns are also modernized and comparable to those made for firearms. Today, it’s less common to see these types of mounts beyond those with adjustable elevation.

Ultimately, you may not need an adjustable mount for your airsoft rifle. Rail risers are a simple solution for elevation issues and won’t require any adjustments, depending on the model.

How to Tell if You Need an Adjustable Mount

Every airsoft rifle is different, even those of the same model and exact production batch. Some are extremely accurate and rarely require major adjustments, while others are more “temperamental.”

Typically, rifles in the latter category require an adjustable airsoft scope mount. By relegating the adjustments to the mount itself, it’s possible to reduce the drift and shoot accurately. The scope and mount work together to help you hit targets effectively.

Sometimes, the scope itself is the problem if it refuses to maintain zero. The mount will hold it securely in place as you make the necessary adjustments.

If your rifle is hard to adjust, it’s possible that an adjustable scope mount will help. However, it may also be a problem with quality control or the optics. Therefore, it’s best to investigate other solutions.

Another reason to get a scope mount is if your current scope is too low. Red dot sights can work with iron sights for a quick shot, but iron sights and sniper scopes don’t mix well. For that reason, you may find it necessary to invest in an adjustable scope mount.

Rail risers are a fine accessory. For some shooters, however, there’s the issue of sight height. If you don’t like a sight mounted too high, one solution would be mounting a tactical rail on top of an M4/M16 carrying handle.

In addition to comfort, an elevated sight height can also increase perceived recoil, which isn’t beneficial when sniping with semi-automatic rifles. Bolt-action rifles aren’t affected too greatly by perceived recoil because you have to cycle the bolt after shooting.

With a lower sight height, semi-automatic or even fully-automatic shooting through a scope will feel much more comfortable. You can hit more targets without excessive disruption from the jolt as the airsoft rifle recoils.

An adjustable scope mount won’t lift the scope too much from the barrel, which allows you to maintain a lower sight height. That said, adjustable rail risers are easily obtainable.

We recommend attaching an adjustable scope mount in this scenario, as it performs better than a high rail riser.

However, in light of modern tactical accessories and scopes, there’s practically no reason to mount an adjustable airsoft scope mount. The advantages are easily replicated by better and more flexible accessories.

High-Quality Scope Mounts

Today, sniper rifles and assault rifles accept scope rings or Picatinny rail mounts. Compared to adjustable scope mounts, these are generally more flexible and easier to obtain.

NC STAR AK Side Mounted Optics & Accessory Rail

This NC STAR AK Side-mounted Optics and Accessory Rail is similar to the original AK47 mounts. Those were attached to the side of the receiver through bolts, allowing shooters to use the original dust cover. The rail length is shorter than the replacement dust covers with Picatinny rails on top.

This scope mount uses three Allen head bolts to secure itself to the receiver, providing a rigid aiming platform for your scopes. The mounting tools will be included with the package when you purchase this product. Make sure you keep them around as cleaning the AK will require the scope mount to be detached.

Unlike some mounts, this model has two rails, one on top and the other on the side. The top rail will accept modern red dot scopes, ACOG scopes, or even smaller sniper scopes. The latter is the best option if you wish to fight enemies at longer ranges.

The side rail isn’t meant for optics packages, but you can mount a flashlight or laser on it.

The mount is made entirely of solid aluminum for lightness. It only weighs 6.7 ounces. To protect the surface, there’s a black powder coating too.

Any AK47, AK74, or AKM airsoft full-size replica that doesn’t come with a tactical rail will accept the scope mount. Furthermore, the mount isn’t invasive and doesn’t require modifications to the rifle receiver in any way.

NC STAR designed this accessory to be used with actual AK rifles. Since firearms have far more recoil than airsoft guns, this mount will maintain zero much easier on your replica weapons. It fits snugly and stays attached until you loosen the Allen head bolts.

For AK users who want to mount a removable rail mount, this model from NC STAR works like a dream. It’s made to maintain an optics accuracy even under excessive recoil. It also barely weighs anything, to the extent that you might even forget it’s there.

Metal AK Side Mount Scope Rail

This AK side scope mount is similar to the NC STAR model, though it’s manufactured by Cyma. In terms of materials, it’s made of a steel alloy instead of aluminum.

However, the most obvious difference is that there’s only a top Weaver rail instead of two rails. Users who want to mount flashlights and lasers will have to attach them to a quad-rail handguard instead.

Unlike the NC STAR mount, there’s a quick detach lever near the bottom. This feature is exceptionally useful for emergencies such as a scope running out of battery. In that situation, you’ll need to rely on the iron sights for accurate shooting across longer distances.

When required, you can still use the iron sights instead of the scope. The slight elevation allows for this function but the results aren’t the best. Thanks to the quick detach lever, you can remove a malfunctioning scope in mere seconds and continue shooting.

As mentioned, the scope mount works similarly to the model covered above. It uses both Weaver and Picatinny rails, which will impact the fit of your optics packages.

Generally, Picatinny rail accessories won’t fit on Weaver rails. However, a Weaver scope will mount securely to a Picatinny rail.

Before selecting a scope, check the rail system it uses. As the rail is divided into Picatinny and Weaver halves. The front half is Picatinny, while the rear half accepts Weaver accessories. You’ll have to mount all scopes in the proper section.

You can use this scope mount on the rifle if you own a Dragunov SVD airsoft sniper rifle. The reason being, the SVD sniper rifle is basically a lengthened AK47 receiver. The receiver height is almost the same, meaning you can mount optics using this accessory.

While not as versatile as the NC STAR mount, this offering from Cyma still lets users mount red dot sights on their classic-style AK rifles without ruining the aesthetic. The quick-detach lever also makes removal instant.

UTG Premium 1” Rings, High, Weaver Mount, See-Thru

Scope rings are primarily used for sniper scopes, which sometimes don’t have inherent attachment points to rails or rifle receivers. These examples are likely telescopic tubes with knobs for windage and elevation only. That’s why scope rings are sold in sets to help shooters mount their preferred optics.

UTG makes these rings for scopes measuring 1 inch in diameter. Any sight with this measurement will fit snugly, courtesy of the special tape inside the circles. The material will prevent the tube from moving around, ruining any calibration and adjustments you perform.

Each ring has four hex screws, two on each side. They can be loosened to split the ring into halves, allowing users to place the telescopic sight tube inside. After that, all you need to do is replace the top half.

Next, use your hex screwdriver to tighten both rings until you stop. If they’re not snug enough, they can loosen in the middle of a firefight. Your sniper rifle won’t be able to hit long-range targets accurately as a result.

Both scope rings are compatible with Weaver rails. However, you can also attach them to Picatinny rails without a problem.

A unique feature of these UTG rings is the presence of two see-through windows under the rings themselves. These holes are designed to allow shooters to use iron sights should the telescopic sight malfunction.

You won’t have to worry about the scope interfering with the iron sights as it’s elevated sufficiently. The sight picture isn’t perfect but it will work in a pinch.

Overall, these scope rings are an excellent choice for any airsoft sniper. They let you use your iron sights in emergencies and rigidly keep your scope zeroed in. Removing the optics package from the rifle is also doable in minutes.

Other Possible Replacements for Adjustable Scope Mounts

Those concerned with sniper scopes interfering with iron sights can always purchase a rail riser. These small attachments are available in various increments to help raise the optics to the height of your choice.

Some rail risers are also see-through, like the scope rings made by UTG. Even though the sight picture with iron sights becomes relatively narrow, it’s better than being forced to fire without aiming. Snipers should be able to use their iron sights when needed, as they’re better than nothing.

A unique alternative is mounting an AR-15 detachable carrying handle with an optics rail to your rifle. The best weapons to use this on are M4 or M16 replicas, though they can work with any other gun. The optics rail is naturally raised for easy aiming, and you only have to look down to use the handle’s iron sights.

This configuration shouldn’t be used with sniper rifles as the front sights are likely not compatible with an A2 carrying handle rear sight.

Stick with Standard Mounts

Even if adjustable airsoft scope mounts do exist, they’re still not as effective as a standard scope ring or tactical rail mount. You’ll get more use out of the three examples reviewed above than any adjustable mount. For every flexible product sold in stores, more than three non-adjustable ones are available.

Now that you know the best solution for scope mounts, you can find out how to zero your scope. This procedure benefits both red dot sight users and snipers using telescopic sights.