Best Airsoft Guns 2022

Best Airsoft Guns 2022


1. Pistols

Brand: Officially Licensed GLOCK by Umarex

UMAREX is the first airsoft company worldwide to license this well renowned Austrian handgun. The Glock design is internationally recognized and favored by many military and law enforcement agencies worldwide for being lightweight, reliable, and having a simple construction. The airsoft version is built to the same exacting real-steel GLOCK standards which make it look and feel like a real firearm. It's also a 1:1 scale replica so it'll fit a variety of holsters as well. 

  • 300 FPS (0.20g BB)

  • Green Gas Powered

  • 24 BB Capacity Magazine

  • Realistic Full Blowback Action

  • Adjustable Hop-Up

  • GLOCK Gen 4 Customizable Pistol Grip & Backstraps

  • True GLOCK laser engraved trademarks


If you're looking for an added dimension of realism to your game, look no further than the Elite Force 1911 Tac CO2 Blowback Pistol. Its blowback action and full metal body will give you the impression that you're using the real thing, especially if you factor in the weight. If pistol accessories are your thing, the 14mm counterclockwise threaded tip will allow you to add a mock silencer or suppressor. You can also add a laser or flashlight to the built-in rail system located on the underside of the barrel. The Elite Force 1911 Tac Blowback CO2 Pistol is the perfect choice for players looking for a more realistic experience

  • 345-370 FPS with 0.20g BBs

  • 60 Day Warranty from Elite Force

  • Full Metal Construction

  • 14 Round Drop-free magazine

  • Picatinny Rail

  • Blowback Action

  • 4.5" barrel

  • 14mm CCW threaded barrel


2. Rifles

Sitting at a comfortable price point, the Colt M4A1 is a rock-solid AEG to take into battle. The upper and lower receiver and the keymod rail system have an all-metal construction, giving this AEG the weight and feel of the real thing. The M4A1 has plenty of real estates to mount all types of accessories. Also, the long barrel will aid inaccuracy. This is the perfect gun for outdoor fields. This gun has plenty of room for aftermarket accessories (i.e., optics, lasers, grips, etc.), but you can also go old school and use the flip-up front and rear sights. It all comes down to your playstyle.

The Colt M4A1 is easily upgradeable, easy to maintain, sports an all-metal Version 2 rear-wired gearbox, and has an adjustable hop-up system that can hit FPS 350 with 0.20g BBs. This gun already comes jam-packed with a ton of features, but as an added bonus it also comes with a standard charger and battery as well as two metal 350 BB high capacity mags. You'll be equipped with anything and everything that your opponents can throw at you.

  • 350 FPS with 0.20g BBs

  • Full Metal Externals

  • 13" Keymod Rail System

  • 3 Keymod Rail Segments Included

  • Fully Licensed COLT Trademarks

  • Adjustable Crane Stock

  • Adjustable BAXS System Hop Up

  • Flip-up Front & Rear Iron Sights

  • Full Metal Version 2 Gearbox (Rear Wired)

  • (2) 350 BB Metal High Capacity Magazines

  • NIMH Battery & Standard Charger Included

  • Cybergun Licensed Product

  • OEM by CYMA


From the partnership between Umarex USA and legendary airsoft gun manufacturer VFC comes the VFC Calibur series AEGs powered by the new Gen 2 Avalon Gearbox. Building upon the success of their H&K416 AEGs, the new Calibur series has updated externals including all-new QRS externals such as the Stock, Magazine, Grip, Trigger Guard, and Trigger. A new Keymod & Picatinny/Weaver hybrid rail system maximizes accessory mounting options. These rifles are available in Tan/Black two-tone or all-black colorations to fit most load-outs and kits. The Avalon Gearbox features an integrated MOSFET and quick change spring system to allow for a wide variety of FPS and RPS for whatever the situation calls for. If you're looking for a high-end AEG this is one of the best choices for 2022. 

  • 360-380 FPS with 0.20g BBs

  • 11.1v LiPO Ready AEG (Battery not included)

  • Aftermarket QRS Externals

  • Easy to adjust Rotary Hop-up Unit

  • Keymod & Picatinny Rail System

  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release

  • Gen 2 Avalon Version 2 Gearbox with MOSFET

  • Flip-up Iron Sights

  • Extremely rugged, durable externals


The hottest new arrival, the G&G ARP-9 is the Speedsofter's CQB friend with all the features and accessories you could hope for. Ultra-compact, ambidextrous, lightweight, and powerful, this AEG packs a 340 FPS punch with a programmable MOSFET for burst fire functionality. Aftermarket accessories for this highly successful AEG have also hit the market in the form of 1,500 BB Drum Magazines and battery stock extension units that allow for even larger capacity LiPO batteries to be used. And if that wasn't enough G&G made an entire line of powder-coated accents in their Super Ranger series of ARP-9s that allow you to choose between Silver, Sky, Amber, Jade, and Fire to truly personalize your new piece!

  • 340 FPS with 0.20g BBs

  • 300 BB high capacity stick magazine

  • LiPO compatible AEG

  • Version 2 Gearbox with MOSFET and Electronic Trigger Unit

  • Programmable Burst-Fire functionality

  • 5" Milspec MLOK Handguard

  • Ambidextrous Fire Controls and Mag Release

  • Collapsible Tanker style Stock


3. Sniper Rifles

The MB13D Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is one of the best-selling sniper rifles on These aren't features you see with your standard L96 rifle types, making the MB08 unique in its own right. This sniper shoots at a powerful 480 FPS with 0.20g BBs. However, it's always recommended that you use heavier rounds such as 0.28g or higher for the sake of accuracy. This gun comes equipped with a 3-9x40 scope. 

  • Solid ABS & Metal construction

  • Full Metal Barrel

  • Multi-Position LE-Style Stock with accessory rails

  • Folding Bipod

  • Rear Slip loop and QD mounting points

  • Pistol Grip

  • 480 FPS with 0.20g BBs

  • 3-9x40 Scope and Scope Rings Included

  • Bolt Action


Airsoft can be a highly competitive sport that requires the right weaponry to win the day. Just don't forget to have fun! No matter your playing style, there's an airsoft gun that should suit your needs. Do your research and truly understand your personal preferences and you'll find the perfect airsoft gun to maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield.

About Airsoft:

Multiple factors go into winning an airsoft game. For example, coordinating your attacks with your teammates and learning tactics will give you an edge over your opponents. Gaining superior positioning during an airsoft battle is also an excellent way to gain an advantage over your enemies. However, if someone told you that airsoft had everything to do with skill and nothing to do with your equipment, they'd be lying to you. A good airsoft gun could be the difference between winning and losing, especially if you're facing a foe who is as skilled a player as you are.

There are thousands of airsoft guns out there, and if you don't know what you're looking for, you may end up buying something that's less than high-quality. In fact, if you end up buying your airsoft gun from a big name store like Wal-Mart, you can expect a poor performance on the field of battle. In reality, picking out a quality airsoft gun isn't as difficult or convoluted as it appears on the surface. It just takes the right guidance from the correct source.

Taking a closer look - what is an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns are replica weapons that propel plastic BBs in the same manner that a real firearm discharges a bullet. The number one appeal of airsoft guns is that they resemble their real steel counterparts. In the case of many cheaper airsoft guns, you can spot the difference between an airsoft gun and a real firearm. However, the more expensive airsoft guns can sometimes look identical to the real thing. In fact, higher-quality airsoft guns are often licensed by legitimate weapon manufacturers to replicate the same dimensions, aesthetics, and weight of a real firearm.

Just like firearms, airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some airsoft guns are powered by batteries, others use springs or CO2 gas. You can buy airsoft guns that shoot at long ranges such as snipers or get up close and personal with guns designed for CQB such as SMGs and handguns. Our online store also carries accessories, replacement parts, and upgrade options to build a custom airsoft weapon.

Understanding the different types of airsoft guns

As previously stated, airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter your playing style, whether you're a long-range player, CQB expert, or gun-ho stormtrooper, there is a gun suited to match your style. The most common type used on the typical airsoft fields is battery-powered automatic electric guns (AEGs). Think of a real assault rifle that fires off multiple rounds with a single trigger pull. An airsoft AEG operates in the same way, in which a gearbox system allows the gun to fire off multiple BBs with the single pull of a trigger.

AEGs that have a select-fire option typically have three options: single fire, burst fire, and fully automatic. You can further break down the burst fire option into two and three burst rounds. Select fire gives players more tactical options on the battlefield. Some airsoft guns are simply fully automatic, in which the motor in the gearbox repeatedly engages the mechanism, and BBs are fired in rapid succession.

Another gun type you'll find on airsoft fields are guns that operate on gas. With this gun type, gas is used to propel a pellet down the barrel of the airsoft gun and sent on a trajectory towards its target. The most popular gas-powered guns tend to be pistols, many of which have a blowback feature that gives off the same appearance as firing a real handgun. In most cases, you'll find most serious players run an AEG as their primary weapon and a gas-powered pistol as their secondary.

A less popular gun type is the spring guns. Spring airsoft guns tend to be underpowered when compared to their electric and gas counterparts, and you'll rarely find professional players running them. Spring guns tend to be cheap and require the player to reset the gun after each shot manually. If you buy your guns from Walmart, there's a good chance you'll be purchasing a spring gun.

It's recommended that you take two weapons onto the field with you such as an AEG as your primary and a gas-powered pistol as your secondary. Quite frankly you never know what type of situations you'll find yourself in during an airsoft game. For example, you might run out of ammunition during a firefight and not have time to reload. Whipping out your pistol will get you back into the fight and possibly keep you from getting eliminated. You might even find yourself in a CQB situation in which the barrel of your AEG might give you away as you're clearing tight corners. Once again, your electric airsoft pistol would serve you better in such a situation. Once you've cleared the tight spaces, you can whip your AEG out to hit targets further away.

Why you should choose a high-quality airsoft gun

It's understandable if a cheap airsoft gun flashlight looks appealing to you, especially if you're on a budget. Cheap airsoft guns save you money during the initial purchase, and the ammunition is more affordable too. However, you'll be getting what you pay for. Cheaper BBs are made from lighter-weight material that is more susceptible to going off course when fired due to external factors such as the wind. Furthermore, cheaper guns simply don't compare to a higher quality airsoft gun.

You can attribute the need for good performance from your airsoft gun as just another part of the game. Airsoft guns that are accurate shoot further and jam less which will give you an advantage over your opponents. Simply knowing that your gun will perform at the moment of truth should be all the convincing you need to switch to a higher-quality airsoft gun. Cheaping out on a gun may save you money in the short term, but your performance on the airsoft field will most certainly suffer.


There are a select number of features you'll want to keep your eye out for while shopping for your next airsoft gun.

  • FPS

One of the primary features that you should look for in your gun is FPS or "feet per second". FPS is used to determine how fast your gun can shoot. As you might have guessed, the slower your projectile, the higher the chance that your opponent will either be able to get you first or simply slip away. Furthermore, your opponent might not even recognize that they've been hit if the FPS of your gun is very low. Higher FPS is better than lower, but it's a common policy at most airsoft fields to cap FPS at a certain limit to avoid causing undue injury to the players. In such situations, single-shot guns are usually allowed to shoot at a higher FPS than automatic guns.

  • Accuracy

The accuracy of your airsoft gun will determine if you can hit your opponent during an airsoft battle. FPS is directly tied to the accuracy of your gun. The harder your gun shoots, the more accurate it will be (in most cases). However, you can't rely 100% on the FPS of your gun when it comes to putting your shots on target. You also have to factor in distance, windage, ballistic drop, etc. You also have to factor in the sights of your gun. Is yourscope adequately calibrated to engage long-range targets? A scope that hasn't been zoned in will miss its target every time.

When buying your next airsoft gun, check to see if it has adjustable sights. Sights are a great help to put your BBs on target. However, airsoft battles are usually much closer range than actual firefights, so sights aren't an absolute necessity. It's more important to have a gun that lets you aim quickly, as you'll only have a couple of seconds to act if an opponent comes charging around a corner. Another factor that plays into the accuracy of your airsoft gun is inner barrel length. A longer inner barrel is typically more accurate than a shorter barrel.

  • Metal Gears

Should you use a metal gearbox or a plastic one? Sure, plastic will serve you for a while, but in terms of longevity, a metal gearbox will typically outlast most plastic gearboxes. A plastic gearbox is more susceptible to stripping whereas even the cheapest metal gearbox will perform better and longer.

  • Gun Type

Perhaps the most important feature you should consider is the gun type. This can be entirely dependent on the environment where you'll be playing. A forest environment usually calls for snipers, DMRs, and other long-range electric rifles. Rifles tend to shoot at a higher FPS. Though their rate of fire is low, a long-range battle is typically determined by accurate well-placed single shots rather than sprays of BBs.

On the other hand, indoor environments are perfect for weapons with shorter barrels, foregrips, and folding stocks. Airsoft SMGs are perfect for this role as they're smaller in size and put out higher rates of fire. However, the shorter barrel and a higher rate of fire of SMGs sacrifice their ability to accurately hit long-range targets. These guns are typically most effective out to about 30 feet or so.

Carbine designs can be considered as a combination of a rifle and an SMG. Carbines can get a decent range and with a good folding stock, you can maneuver around in tight spaces. Carbines are a good all-around airsoft gun but don't specialize in rifles or SMGs.

  • Rail systems and accessories

One of the best types of airsoft guns you can buy is one with a rail system. A rail system allows you to attach all sorts of accessories to your gun, such as optics, flashlights, foregrips, and the like. Imagine being able to switch out the scope on yoursniper rifle slings to something much more powerful and even adding a tripod for balance. Rail systems and accessories can make a world of difference while playing the game.