Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear

Every good arsenal needs an equally good airsoft tactical gear set-up to protect yourself and carry everything you may need. Whether you’re operating a gas rifle or a spring pistol, quality airsoft gear is essential for safety in the field.

Airsoft Station wants to make sure all players are operating their airsoft products safely, so we provide a wide range of protective masks, hand guards, gloves, and body armor. Players can choose from a wide range of tactical vest options to fit all sizes and attachment preferences, with plenty of pockets and magazine pouches to hold spare magazines and BBs.

Airsoft gear is as much about improving your game as it is keeping you safe. Drop leg pouches and belt holsters make it that much easier to draw and stow your electric pistol when you need it. Safely carry all your tactical gear and guns in one place with the convenience of protective gun bags or cases that feature comfortable carrying handles and internal padding. If you are looking for MOLLE compatible gear we carry holsters, pouches, and belts that can all be attached to your tactical MOLLE vest or pack.

Airsoft Station carries starter kits for absolute beginners as well as specialized items for more expert players. All in all, we have everything you need to completely upgrade your loadout so you can run onto the battlefield confident that you have what it takes to come out on top.


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