Green Gas & CO2

Green Gas & CO2

Green Gas & CO2

Airsoft Station carries a wide selection of Green Gas & Co2 to keep your gas powered airsoft gun running smoothly. Most airsoft guns take a single 12g Co2 cartridge, which is commonly housed in the magazine or grip of the gun. Players can easily go through multiple Co2 cartridges during a long day of warfare, depending on the gun and how often you shoot, so it's smart to stock up on a few extra cartridges before you leave the house. Green Gas is a specially formulated mix of petroleum gas and silicone oil lubricant that systematically cleans your airsoft gun during normal use, greatly prolonging the longevity of your gas gun. Gas airsoft guns that operate on Green Gas can also run properly on propane and red gas, based on player preference. Propane adapters are available and are attached to a small propane tank, not sold on our site. When using propane with a propane adapter, it's important to remember to use silicone as needed to reduce the risk of leaks. Green Gas is typically filed directly into the magazine of your gas gun using the integrated nozzle or adapter. Bulk packages are available for players who want to stock up and eliminate the risk of running out of gas midgame.

Airsoft Station would like to note that ANY orders containing Co2 or Green Gas do not apply for Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air Shipping due to U.S transportation restrictions. If you are ordering multiple items and wish to have them shipped with Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air, we recommend placing a separate order for your Co2 or Green Gas. If you have any questions, our customer service department is happy to help you with your order.


Q: How are green gas airsoft guns different than AEGs?
A: Green gas powered airsoft guns are less popular compared to automatic electric guns. By using green gas or other propellants instead of batteries, gas powered airsoft rifles and pistols often feature blowback action which simulates the kick and recoil of a real rifle.

Q: Is green gas environmentally friendly?
A: Yes. There are very small amounts of gases emmited during airsoft games. The impact this has on the environment is not noticeable, especially compared to the pollution factories and vehicles produce.

Q: Are gas powered airsoft guns more expensive?
A: Our store offers airsoft guns that will fit any budget. We do offer a wider variety of less expensive AEGs than gas powered rifles, but there are cheaper and more expensive weapons of both style. Keep in mind that you will need to buy extra gas, which adds some recurring costs, but we also offer a bulk deal on CO2 and green gas. 

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