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GATE TITAN USB-Link Programming Adapter

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  • Product Description

    GATE TITAN USB-Link Programming Adapter


    Gate USB-Link & Control Station

    The USB link along with the GATE Control Station Software (Windows/Mac compatible) allows for all of the TITAN's features to be completely unlocked. The Link also allows the firmware on the TITAN to be kept up to date and if new features are released they can be uploaded and used. When Gate's USB-Link and Control Station are combined, users will have full access to the following features:

      • 6 Different Fire Selector Modes
      • Pre-Cocking & Boost Modes
      • Burst Mode with the ability to choose between 2 and 10 round burst
      • Rate of Fire Stabilization
      • Rate of Fire Control varying from 100% to 50% of normal ROF
      • Sniper Semi-Auto Lock & Delay from 0.5 seconds up to 3 seconds
      • AUG Trigger Mode - Half pull for semi-auto and full trigger pull for full auto firing
      • Battery Protection for LiPO & LiFE including low voltage warning and cutoff
      • Battery Cell Selection from 2 to 4 cells depending on Voltage
      • Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity
      • Statistics Tracking


    This package includes:


    More features and videos can be found in the Product Videos info tab


      Tactical Programming Card USB-Link with GATE-CS
    Settings adjustment + +
    Firmware update - +
    Portable + -
    Sensors check + +
    Diagnostic Trouble Codes + +
    Statistics - +
    Additional settings - +
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    TITAN Unboxing

    Watch the first in the world TITAN unboxing video! Are you ready to get yours?
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