Full Face Masks

Full Face Masks

Full-Seal, ANSI 87.1 Rated Goggles are a necessity for airsoft. Many airsoft fields will require full-seal, ANSI 87.1 (or higher) rated goggles for you to play. These types of goggles are important for two very big reasons:

  1. Full-Seal goggles leave no gaps between the goggles and your skin for a BB to pass through an potentially hit your eye.
  2. ANSI 87.1 Rated Goggles are designed to take repeated impact of projectiles equivalent or heavier than your average airsoft BB at average FPS without the possibility of penetration.

These two very important factors add up to total protection for your eyes. Below you'll see a video demonstrating how a standard pair of snowboarding goggles does NOT constitute proper airsoft eye protection, and how an extremely affordable pair of Lancer Tactical goggles gives you all the protection your eyes need and more. Airsoft Station provides a wide variety of suitable eye protection at extremely affordable prices!

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