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Flash Hiders, Extensions, Amplifiers & Tracers

Barrel extensions are a quick and easy way to add both flair and functionality to your airsoft lowdown. Most of our selection of barrel accessories are very simple to install, and feature standard sized 14mm threads. Airsoft Tracer Units screw onto your outer barrel and illuminate BBs as they pass through the muzzle, usually in either red or green illumination. When using a tracer unit, it's important to remember to use the right type of BB that is compatible with tracer units. Flash Hiders & Muzzle Breaks are for mock purposes only, but can totally revamp the look of your favorite airsoft gun. Airsoft Station also provides thread converters that add external threads to your pistol or rifle for the addition of barrel accessories that originally may not have been compatible. Although mock suppressors do not actually silence your shots, they do keep your BB on a straight path for longer; increasing the range and accuracy. Thread protectors are always a good idea when not using a suppressor or flash hider, as to not damage or strip the threads during transportation. Airsoft Sound Amplifiers
increase the overall sound decibel of your airsoft gun, adding to the intimidation factor and authenticity of airsoft warfare. Customize your airsoft gun how you see fit, and come check out our extensive selection of barrel extension options at Airsoft Station

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