Lancer Tactical Multi Mission Carbine Field Report

Posted by Lannie on 09/08/15

Lancer Tactical Multi Mission Carbine Field Report

I had a chance to get out and try a new Lancer Tactical Multi Mission Carbine Blowback AEG by Lonex. I can say without a doubt this gun out of the box is pretty amazing for a mid-range entry level AEG.

The look and feel of this 6mm pellet slinger is something that Lancer Tactical and Lonex did a stupendous job on. Keeping it somewhat lightweight, yet very durable with a Nylon Polymer body, monolithic free float rail system and a very comfortable pistol grip made this a gun hard for me to want to put down. The blowback system, while as nice as it is, did leave me wanting a little more recoil feel but what do you expect from someone who mainly uses a GBB rifle. I was also happy to see that i did not have to add my own sling mount to the buffer tube of this weapon. The flip up iron sight made from nylon fiber is also a nice addition. The use of a rotary style hop up wheel was a pleasant surprise and made on the fly adjustments easy, when needed.

I took it out to one of the local fields I play at and put it through its paces. I ran this AEG on a 9.6v 1600mah nimh battery and it performed quite well. While it did shoot over the 400 fps allowed for the field, I got in some shots at the target range for distance and accuracy. I used a couple of different weights in BBs ranging from .25 bios to .30 non bios, all seemed to feed well from the high capacity flash mag this gun comes with. The range of the targets were from 25 ft. to about 200 ft. in distance. I hit each target in the 25-75 ft. range with all three weights 10/10 after some sight adjustment. Now for the 100-200 ft. range targets, I did have to adjust the hop up for some longer, loftier shots. The closer of the targets were still 10/10 for accuracy, but the 175 to 200 ft. targets I still had an impressive 7/10 shots. Now for the infield use of the gun I had to play under the DMR rules which is any AEG that fires over 400 fps but under 450 you are allowed to only engage an enemy at either 50 feet or further or 100 feet or further depending on that field’s rules. This field’s rule is 100 feet but after being at the range and judging the distances I chose not to engage people unless they were at least 125 feet away. So yes, I did a lot of walking back to spawn that day.

Using my short dot scope on this gun came in very handy because I was amazed to see the BBs flying forth from this gun and tagging my opponents at such great distances. Most were amazed that I was hitting them and would even point at me from across the field like, “Was that you?” and I would just happily wave back. What really shocked them was when they found out that it was a bone stock gun shooting that far. Hands down I would give this BB spewing monster an 8 out of 10 on awesomeness.

Interested in this AEG? Find it HERE.