Airsoft Submachine Guns

Airsoft Submachine Guns

Airsoft Submachine Guns

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Airsoft Sub Machine Guns & Machine Pistol Variants

Submachine guns, or SMGs, are automatic weapons that are typically smaller than an AEG, but pack a serious punch in terms of velocity and rate of fire. SMGs are the perfect choice for operating in CQB environments as they are lightweight and easily maneuverable in tight spaces. Real-steel submachine guns fire standard sized pistol ammunition, which earns them the nickname machine pistols. Many variants of SMGs have been produced from armed forces all over the world to fit the specific needs of each style of warfare. Airsoft Station carries a wide variety of airsoft replica SMGs highly renowned by military forces worldwide, including the UMP, UZI, Thompson, MP7, P90, Vector, and many more!

A submachine gun makes the perfect sidearm for players who primarily use a sniper rifle and want something with a little more firepower than a typical handgun during close quarters combat. Some of our selection of SMGs feature a fully collapsible or folding stock that makes transportation a breeze. The folding stock can further assist players by increasing comfort and accuracy in each scenario. Machine pistols are ultra-compact AEGs that feature an even higher rate of fire than SMGs and can be easily concealed in a bag or pack. The average machine pistol features a stockless design that makes them an ideal sidearm for all styles of gameplay. The lightweight and compact design of SMGs and machine pistols makes them the perfect choice for introducing younger enthusiasts to the sport of airsoft, and allows you to extend your skirmishes with less fatigue. Airsoft Station carries a wide range of options to fit any budget or style preference, so expand your airsoft arsenal and try out one of our SMGs or machine pistols today.


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