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Airsoft Guns

Looking for high quality gas-powered pistols, electric rifles, or spring powered airsoft guns that have been field tested? You've come to the best place to buy airsoft guns and parts on the internet. Ever since our start in 2006, we've had all of your airsoft gun needs covered with a large selection at great prices! Airsoft Station is a leader in the airsoft field and we hold the answers to all your airsoft questions. Thousands of happy customers agree that this is the home for those new to playing airsoft and pro airsofters alike.

We are an airsoft gun superstore that can provide every type of gun to meet any type of budget. When it comes to our primary stock, we carry the three main categories you'll find on most battlefields -- airsoft electric gunsgas-powered airsoft guns, and spring airsoft guns -- and stock everything from competitive airsoft guns to airsoft starter kits. We also carry a massive range of tactical gear and accessories to help you achieve the best airsoft epic moments.

No matter what type of loadout you're searching for, we'll help you every step of the way with awesome airsoft guns and the best in sidearms and accessories. Whether you're into pro airsofting and looking for HPA, custom parts or next-level gear, or an airsoft beginner, looking for the perfect airsoft starter kit, our products are ideal for making some amazing airsoft moments.


Airsoft is shooting sport, in which players compete in simulated combat with the objective of eliminating opposing players. Participants arm themselves with weapons known as airsoft guns, which project 6mm plastic bbs. Airsoft is frequently used in military and civil defense activities as well as in theatrical productions.


Airsoft guns provide better accuracy than a common alternative; the paintball gun. Because Airsoft bbs are smaller than paintball pellets, they experience less wind resistance, resulting in better accuracy. Airsoft is generally thought of as being more tactical in nature, whereas. Paintball is sometimes considered to be more run-and-gun.


Electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs, are the most common type of airsoft rifle. Airsoft electric guns are battery powered and can usually be fired in semi-automatic or full auto mode. In most cases, AEGs will come with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, and our high-end airsoft electric guns come with lipo batteries for the best possible performance.

A decent airsoft rifle will usually fire 0.20g BB pellets at a velocity of between 300 and 400 FPS, meaning they really pack a punch. We at Airsoft Station strongly recommend that when you purchase electric airsoft rifles you stick to those that have a full metal gearbox, as these are much more durable than their plastic counterparts.

On most airsoft battlefields you'll notice that most pro airsofters have a preference for electric rifles, although electric airsoft pistols are also available. While not as common as battery-powered airsoft rifles, electric pistols are a great option, especially if you're just starting out in playing airsoft. We have a wide range of airsoft pistols and rifles, so no matter what type of AEG you're looking for, we have exactly what you need.


Gas-powered airsoft guns use compressed gas to propel the BB pellet down the barrel of the gun and at your opponent. At Airsoft Station, we carry both green gas and CO2 powered airsoft pistols and rifles. Green gas comes in larger bottles and is filled right into the magazine of your air soft gun while CO2 comes in smaller, 12-gram cartridges that are attached and discharged individually. The advantage of CO2 cartridges and green gas is that they are inexpensive, portable, and long-lasting, meaning your gas rifles will keep you in the fight and on your way to an airsoft win.

Gas-powered airsoft pistols tend to be the most popular gun in this category, but there are plenty of gas-powered airsoft rifles to choose from as well, all the way up to airsoft sniper rifles. If you're looking for more realism while playing airsoft, why not try out a co2 blowback airsoft gun. Blowback gives you the kick similar to a real-life firearm and is a common feature amongst our airsoft pistols, though you can also find blowback airsoft rifles if that suits your style of play. When it comes to adding an edge of realism in your airsoft moments, gas-powered airsoft guns are the way to go.


Spring guns use a simple cock and shoot mechanism which is easy to operate. The user just pulls back the slide (for spring pistols) or manipulates a bolt action (for spring airsoft rifles) before each shot. Spring-powered guns are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and do not require batteries or gas to operate. Ultimately, spring-powered airsoft guns are the most cost-effective option for common airsoft beginners.

That being said, there are also many powerful spring powered airsoft rifles for pro airsofters. For example, take a look at our airsoft snipers for sale if you've been pro airsofting for a while and looking for a new edge for your airsoft wins. A high-end spring airsoft sniper makes for a deliciously overpowered airsoft gun, and your enemy will definitely know when they've been hit.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're using a spring airsoft pistol or if you have a preference for spring rifles, we have exactly what you need to get started. While spring powered airsoft guns have a lower rate of fire than their semi-auto and full auto gas and airsoft electric gun counterparts, they are the perfect choice for those who don't want to worry about their airsoft gun running out of juice during a crucial moment in a battle, giving you the upper hand for an airsoft win.


If you're a pro airsofter looking for more realism in your games, you've come to the right shop. Many of our competitive airsoft guns, like the airsoft USAS, are based on real-life weapons. Packing a little more punch than your regular gamers airsoft, these mil-sim airsoft guns (short for military simulation) are crafted to perfection for unbelievable airsoft gameplay.

If you're an airsoft sniper, take a look at our upgraded airsoft sniper rifles to deliver serious firepower, or if you're a bit more rough and ready and looking for something like an AN 94 airsoft replica, we have some awesome airsoft guns to help you get into the thick of things. You'll soon be pro airsofting on a whole other level, and well on your way to airsoft wins.


Sometimes you may need more than just your air soft guns to get you out of a jam. In times like these, airsoft grenades, launchers, and claymores come into the picture. These are the perfect options for clearing out large groups of enemies in a single go, making for the best airsoft epic moments. Any pro can tell you there's nothing more satisfying than getting an airsoft win with a well-placed grenade toss! And if you're looking for a seriously overpowered airsoft gun, try our airsoft grenade launchers. More accurate than an airsoft mortar, grenade launchers are perfect for scoring multiple kills, turning the tide of battle in your team's favor, and making for unbelievable airsoft gameplay.


Of course, it wouldn't be quite right if you walked out onto an airsoft field without the proper airsoft parts and accessories to give you an edge. From flash hiders to mounts to lubrication we know what you need to make you truly effective on the field of battle. We also offer a variety of scopes from red dot sights to full-sized airsoft rifle scopes, and gun magazines for airsoft pistols and rifles. If you know exactly what you want you can find these airsoft parts sold individually, or buy one of our airsoft starter kits to help you get started playing airsoft like a pro.


Much like our military airsoft guns, our tactical gear isn't just functional -- it also gives you the look of an official operator. Our tactical gear includes chest rigs and plate carriers, plus holsters and pouches for your airsoft pistols and accessories. If you need something sturdy to hold your airsoft rifles, airsoft gun bags and cases are exactly what you need to get the job done.


Using the right type of BB for airsoft rifles is absolutely essential to achieving those best airsoft epic moments. Are you a common airsoft beginner, unsure of what BB to use for your airsoft gun? Here are a few answers to your airsoft questions. Airsoft BBs come in a variety of weights that range from 0.12g to 0.43g. Lighter BBs should be used for entry-level guns. Metal gearbox AEGs should use a minimum of 0.20g BBs and for most guns 0.25g BBs are recommended. Heavyweight BBs should be used for high power airsoft sniper rifles and gas-powered airsoft guns. We also stock biodegradable BBs, useful for airsoft fields that desire to reduce their impact on the environment.


If you have any airsoft questions we are here to help in whatever way we can. All around the world airsoft translates to fun for friends and family, and we here at Airsoft Station want to make sure you feel safe and confident when playing airsoft. Our awesome airsoft guns are built to the highest standards, so you can be safe in the knowledge that, whether you're pro airsofting or just starting out, you've got the best tools for making those great airsoft moments. Our Real Time inventory and fast shipping ensures quick delivery.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed; our straight-forward, no hassle Returns & Warranty Policy has you covered for 30 days!