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Aftermath Typhon SOCOM CO2 Airsoft Pistol, Full Auto

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    The Aftermath Typhon SOCOM CO2 pistol is modeled after the select fire SOCOM M9 pistol. Aftermath brings a fully-automatic capable pistol to the market at an extremely affordable price. Operating on CO2 means less filling of magazines like you would with green gas and the pistol will have higher overall FPS. The high-capacity 35 round magazine minimizes reloads when shooting on semi-auto, and has the capacity to lay down some serious bursts on full-auto. The slide also locks back once the magazine has been emptied. The tactical rail on the bottom of the frame lets you mount lasers, lights, or combos on the pistol for low- to no-light shooting as well! Stock up on CO2 and BBs because once you start shooting this pistol you won't want to stop! Aftermath SOCOM Typhon CO2 Pistol features:

    • 12-gram CO2 cartridge powered magazine
    • 35 round hi capacity magazine
    • Both semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire capable.
    • Metal slide
    • Full Blowback function with every shot.
  • Warranty Information

    30 Day Return & Warranty

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  • Other Details

    Power Source: CO2
    Velocity: 370 FPS with 0.20g BBs