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Return Authorization Request Form

Fill out the form below to submit your return request. Please answer all the required questions and be as specific as possible. Leaving questions unanswered will delay the processing of your request and we may need to contact you to get more information before being able to approve the request.

Before filling out and submitting this form, please review our return policy to make sure that your item is still eligible to be returned or is still under warranty. You can find our return policy HERE.

If you are having problems with your AEG (auto electric gun), please follow these basic troubleshooting tips. Following these simple steps may solve your problem without having to have your gun returned.

  1. Make sure the battery is charged. If you are unsure of the battery charge time check the documentation that came with your gun or use the formula: mAh of battery / mAh output of charger = charge time in hours
  2. If you have charged the battery and your AEG makes no sounds when the trigger is pulled you might have a blown or broken fuse. A replacement fuse can be purchased from a local hardware or electronics store for a dollar or less.For an instructional video click here.
  3. If the fuse appears to be intact try bypassing the fuse. To do this, remove the fuse from the housing, then take the two metal connectors that hold the fuse in place and clip them together. Connect the battery and then try firing the gun. If this works then you have a bad fuse and a replacement should be purchased.
  4. We do NOT cover the cost of replacing your fuse. If this is the only problem for a returned gun the fuse replacement fee is $5.00 and we will also charge you return shipping.
  5. If your gun has a high capacity magazine, make sure that you wind the wheel on the bottom of the magazine before shooting. You must load at least 50-100 BBs into the reservoir for the magazine to feed properly.
  6. If the gun makes noise but does not shoot consult the troubleshooting section of your owners manual. Follow any instructions that you may find there. If you are unable to get the gun working after following these steps then please fill out the rest of the form.

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Terms of Use Waiver: By submitting this form you certify that you have read, understood, and agree to Airsoft Station's return and warranty policies that are posted on this website. You also agree that the information submitted is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. An RMA # and further instructions for returning your product will be emailed to you when the return has been approved. Please do not return anything without first receiving an RMA number and instructions from our RMA department. If the item you wish to return is covered by a manufacturer's or distributor's warranty we may instruct you to return the item to the manufacturer or distributor.