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M56B Double Eagle Multi-Shot Airsoft Shotgun

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  • Product Description

    The Multi-Shot Spring Shotgun is a replica of the famous Tokyo Marui M3 Shotgun. It is fed by a replica shotgun shell that loads 3 BBs into 3 separate barrels with every action. The 3 barrel design is the best way to accurately shoot multiple BBs at the same time. Although the gun is made primarily of plastic the structure is very sturdy. Manufacturer: Double Eagle
    Muzzle Velocity: 290-310FPS
    Shell Capacity: 30 rounds
    Package Includes: Gun, 1 Shell, Sling, Speed Loader, Unjamming Rod.

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    1. Awsome!!! Very realistic, must must get.

      Very realistic gun, the pump is a little hard to pull back but I got use to it very quickly. The spread is very good. It's very fun to have the shells. I was doubtful at first but then I looked at my gun rack I have had 4 co2 pistols and 2 spring shotguns, all 4 pistols broke but both shotguns have lasted longer. Don't hesitate get this gun. (Unless you don't really want to).
      Very good price
      Very good materials
      Shotgun Shell action is very fun
      Spread is good

      It can only hold one shell
      on Oct 1st 2015

    2. If you havent used one then you have missed out

      Nothing beats the thrill of getting a kill with a spring gun! Especially when the person you shot has on over 500$ in gear and a 300$ gun. This product makes this easy, I've owned almost every variant of the tri shot shotguns and I can't recommend them enough especially in cqb! The spread is pretty nice as well it's not uncontrollable but it definitely spreads enough to make sure you hit your target. The greatest pro of this gun is that it's 42$!!!!!!! This is by far the best spring Airsoft shotgun for your money, now stop spending all this money on your average m4 and pick one of these babies up. There simple to use as well all you have to do is load up the shot shells with a speed loader and insert through the trap door on the bottom rack the pump then it's back to shooting!

      3 bbs every shot
      Lightweight but durable
      Fun to use
      Short which is good for cqb
      Don't have to worry about batteries or gas

      Not a very satisfying noise when you pump it
      Hard to pump
      Reloading a lot because you only get about 10 shots a shell
      on Mar 19th 2015

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    14 Day Return & Warranty

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  • Other Details

    Power Source: Spring
    Velocity: 290-310 FPS with 0.12g BBs