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M56A Double Eagle Multi-Shot Airsoft Shotgun

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    The Multi-Shot Spring Shotgun is a replica of the famous Tokyo Marui M3 Shotgun. It is fed by a replica shotgun shell that loads 3 BBs into 3 separate barrels with every action. The 3 barrel design is the best way to accurately shoot multiple BBs at the same time. Although the gun is made primarily of plastic the structure is very sturdy. Manufacturer: Double Eagle
    Muzzle Velocity: 290-310FPS
    Shell Capacity: 30 rounds
    Package Includes: Gun, 1 Shell, Sling, Speed Loader, Unjamming Rod.

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    1. Outstanding gun!

      First off, the gun is almost completely plastic externally, but it is still very sturdy and because it is plastic it is extremely lightweight! The grips are rubberized and the buttpad is rubber. I recommend using .20 gram bbs. This gun does NOT have an adjustable hop up so .12 gram bbs shoot up and .25 grams drop prematurely. Using .20 gram bbs, this gun can hit a man sized target from up to 150 feet away! It includes 1, 30bb, 10 round shell (i highly recomend buying extra shells) It shoots 3 bbs at once and to do this i has 3 separate barrels, air chambers, and even 3 separate hop up units! The only problem i have had with this gun is the stock started to come loose and to fix it i had to "pry" off the butpad with a small flat-head screw driver. it cant just be pulled off like most. you must lift the pad off the gun and then slide it off because there is a small lip around the entire rim of the buttpad. It shoots at approximately 300 fps using .20 gram bbs. The front sling hook can be changed from center to left to right positions for user comfort and there is a sling hook on either side of the stock. At first it is significantly difficult to cock this gun but after awhile it starts to require less force. Overall i highly recommend this gun. Its really accurate and easy to use in tight spaces. its not super powerful but definitely powerful enough to get the job done. on Jan 3rd 2015

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    14 Day Return & Warranty

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    Power Source: Spring
    Velocity: 290-310 FPS with 0.12g BBs