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ICS CXP-16 Metal RIS with QD Suppressor Airsoft Rifle

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    ICS is well known for their high quality, innovative airsoft products. The ICS-238 CXP-16 is another great addition to their CXP line. The CXP-16 features full metal upper and lower receivers, oversized RIS quad rail system, ICS CXP front and rear flip up sights, retractable crane stock, ergonomic pistol grip, detachable grip-pod, and full metal QD suppressor. Internally this gun features a full metal gearbox with steel gears and ICS's split gearbox design. The split gearbox makes it much easier to access the internals than on a standard gearbox. You can easily lubricate the gears and the split design make the spring more accessible for a quick spring change. The base gun is a standard M4 and the gun is compatible with most brands of M4 magazines. The included magazine is a 450 round metal high capacity mag. The quad rail system on this gun gives the user more than ample space for adding any desired accessories. The rails run the entire length of the barrel, and the upper rail runs from the rear of the upper receiver all the way to the end of the end of the barrel. A sling attachment point can be found at the rear base of the stock, making it easy to attach this weapon to a one point sling. If you you're looking for a high quality, field ready AEG this is an excellent choice. Battery and charger not included. Features:

    • 360 FPS with 0.20g BBs
    • Full Metal Upper and Lower Receiver
    • RIS quad rail system
    • Ergonomic pistol grip
    • QD Mock Suppressor
    • Removable CXP flip up sights
    • Detachable Grip-Pod
    • Rear sling attachment point
    • 6 position retractable crane stock
    • Adjustable hop up
    • ICS split full metal gearbox
    • Steel gears
    • ICS Turbo 3000 Motor
    • Full Auto, Semi Auto, Safe modes
    • Battery type: nunchuck style up to 9.6v (not included)
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    1. Brilliant Weapon!

      I bought my CXP about a year ago now and it still works just as well as it did when I first got it! Really nice rate of fire and decent range and accuracy especially in woodland terrain where I normally play.

      The only problems I have had with it were some of the parts you can't change due to ICS's design of the gun. The most irritating of which was the front end of the extended handguard (compared to the 16-S) is not build into the handguard but build on top of the barrel so you can't attach any different front end to it.
      The mock silencer is heavy, weighs the gun down and it doesn't look quite as good with it on, however, you can replace the muzzle (I put one from a g&g raider on there) and it looks absolutely fantastic, I also replaced the foregrip with an angled grip because it was again, heavy and it wobbled around on the gun and I found the bipod rather useless unless I wanted to stand it up when showcasing it.

      Now that we have the good parts!
      The full metal edition is not as heavy as you may think at first and it actually quite a pleasure to have on you, and it looks great! Keep a sling attached if you spend a lot of time walking with it because you'll probably get a bit tired of carrying it around all day.
      The battery fits near perfectly into the compartment located in the stock, however you will need to undo a pair of screws to get to it, so it is ill advised to change batteries mid game!
      When firing the weapon, unless you are bound to do so by site or game rules, avoid firing in semi-automatic because the battery will drain faster. I was often left with no battery power left in the middle of the game; To avoid this, burst fire full auto as much as possible.
      The ICS CXP-16-L is an absolutely fantastic piece of kit and well worth the price, after tweaking it a bit it has a brilliant balance of maneuverability, accuracy and power, which suits nearly every environment (woodland, cqb, open field)
      Definitely recommend to anybody who wants an adaptable and different rifle using the M4 platform!
      on Jun 3rd 2015

  • Warranty Information

    30 Day Return, 45 Day Warranty

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  • Other Details

    Power Source: Electric
    Velocity: 360 FPS with 0.20g BBs