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H&K MP7A1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun by KWA

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    The Umarex H&K MP7 by KWA has been a long awaited gas blow back sumbachine gun. Featuring Umarex H&K trademarks, flat top rail system, and a sturdy polymer construction, this GBB will be popular as a secondary for snipers or primary in CQB. The Umarex MP7 features an extendabel stock as well as flip-up sights. The upper picatinny rail is ideal for mounting red dot optics, and side rails can be used to mount a light or laser. The MP7 features an integrated folding vertical foregrip for increased control. Ambidextrous selector lever and charging handle make the gas MP7 an ideal airsoft gun for either right or left handed shooters, and it's compact size gives it an advantage in close quarters airsoft games. The Gas Blowback MP7 Airsoft SMG stores gas in the mag like most other gas airsoft guns. The magazine holds plenty of gas for all 48 rounds, and the NS2 system gives both excellent performance and efficiency. For those looking for a realistic CQB airsoft gun, or for anyone who wants the fun of shooting and the realism of recoil, the Umarex H&K MP7 is the airsoft SMG of choice. 1 year warranty through Umarex USA

    • Main Outter Body = Fiber Reinforced Polymer
    • Internal Structure = Full Metal Action Housing
    • Inner Barrel = 160mm
    • Magazine Capacity = 48 rounds
    • Caliber = 6mm Airsoft BBs
    • Gas System = Force Velocity Engine [FV]
    • Velocity = 380+ fps** with 0.20 gram BB's
    • Rate of Fire = 15 ~ 16 RPS**
    • Propellant = Green Gas
    • Dimensions = 15" X 7" [38.1 cm X 17.78 cm]
    • Weight = 4.7 lbs.[2.13 kg]

    Special Features:

    • Official Heckler & Koch licensed product
    • Fiber reinforced polymer body
    • Functional cocking handle with realistic bolt movements
    • Metal Picatinny accessory rails
    • Retractable shoulder stock
    • Flip up adjustable front and rear sight
    • Semi and Full Auto selective fire
    • Folding front grip
    • Trigger safety

    Retail package include: SMG Pistol(1), Hi-Cap Magazine (1), Silicone Oil (1), Hop-Up adjustment wrench(1), and Airsoft BBs (50)


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    1. great

      this little gun packs a punch. it is very expensive but definitely worth it. extremely realistic and accurate. very compact and high rate of fire.
      pros- accurate
      cosmetic appearance
      high fire rate
      great trigger response
      green gas( better than a battery but not quite as good as co2)
      3x rails
      cons-40 round mag
      gas sometimes runs out to quick on cold days
      magazines are $$$$50$$$$ way too expensive
      i love every aspect of this gun (except the 3 cons i listed) and its so good for anyone who has enough money.
      on Oct 22nd 2016

    2. KWA never fails to deliver.

      What can I say, this thing rocks! I have had mine for over a year, and there hasn't been too much to deal with concerning cons. The iron sights may not look the greatest, but they're better than you may think, meaning that unless you REALLY want a sight, there shouldn't be a need for one. I use 0.30 BBs, and this thing knows where to go, and goes where you want it to go for about 100-120(abs MAX) feet. The best thing I like about this isn't the 40 round mag, not the 290 RPS, not the flip-up iron sights (which I said are better than you think), nor the ability to go from a pistol, to a PDW, to an SMG. It's actually the sound this thing makes.

      This is the kind of gun that scares the crap out of players when they hear it, especially if you are on the receiving end of this mini-monster. The only other gun I've heard louder than this, besides those Polarstar guns, is the KWA MP9, but that already has an amplifier. Put an amplifier on one of these guns and you have a really tough to not hear it kind of gun. This thing scares teammates and opponents alike as is, and it sure is fun to have an enemy get close to you, and then you just hit him from behind or close by. I could go on for a while longer about how much of a BA gun this is, but I guess I should address some issues with this.

      First off, this isn't a gun meant for running as a primary (which I, a college saving student, have to deal with it as). This will get you 100 feet on average with 0.30 BBs,and even then that's with full gas, which is another problem: this thing eats gas like a cow eats grass. You'll probably get 2 mags worth of shots max. I'd stay away from full-auto as it has only 40 shots, but also, because the gas sometimes comes out a little, even after you've stopped firing (if you can hear it spewing the gas, change mags before firing again or you'll be out of gas for your next encounter). Ignore what the guy below me said about parts being easy to find, that's not entirely true. Sure online is easy, but if you need the parts for your match next week with friends, then you'll have trouble. M4, AK47, and M16 parts are what you'll find in a store, but MP7 is where everything is online and expensive. Want a suppressor/silencer? Too bad, because even online those accessories are hard to find in stock. The cheapest one I could find for the [KWA] MP7 was $50.00, and even then it had that shiny look for the plastic suppressor (stands out a lot on a matte finished gun). Don't get me started on internals, that's an internal struggle unless you want to go to KWA's site.

      Anyways, I do hope the extra long paragraph about its troubles doesn't take you away from the fact that this gun is amazing in terms of showing that bigger isn't better and that even the little guys can make a big scare. I haven't had to look for replacement pieces, as KWA really holds up to the reputation the airsoft community gives them, but that part about being hard-to-get isn't something to brush off. Hop-up adjustment tool can be substituted for an Allen-wrench if you don't want to carry around more than your multitool (which is essential to have when using a GBB). Remember to lubricate it after long periods of use asap, and to fire it about once (literally 1-2 shots) a month to keep the parts from getting comfortable where they are. The guy below, though I criticized him earlier, made some other pointers you should be aware of (because I'm too lazy to reread and copy his story). One of the videos also mentions that using EF green gas is best, which I'd agree. Other than the green gas part, I'd be careful with other things the videos mention or do, such as going underwater with the gun.

      Now I've typed so much, so sorry. I'll give it my recommendation as one of the best guns for intimidation, one of the better secondary that isn't a pistol (although it can with a pistol all folded up and/or with a mid-cap mag), and one of the best guns for airsoft players looking to lead the charge in a match. Last thing (I promise), but since it is scary loud I don't recommend staying with people who don't want their positions given away, as hearing this will make both sides probably look in its direction for the first couple rounds they hear it. Use this to draw them towards you and away from others, or to confuse the other team by running apart from the main group.
      on Apr 12th 2016

  • Product Videos

    • KWA MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun Overview
      One of the best KWA Gas Blowbacks available and a premier CQB ...

    KWA MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun Overview

    One of the best KWA Gas Blowbacks available and a premier CQB choice, the KWA MP7 is a fantastic gas option for any player. http://www.airsoftstation.com/h-k-mp7-gas-airsoft-rifle-by-kwa.html *Please note that the FPS chrono test performed in the video was done during a cold spell in Minnesota. The negative temperatures effected our warehouse and the cold environment lowered the MP7 FPS by 25-30. In all previous testing this GBB averages 380.
  • Warranty Information

    30 Day Return, 60 Day Warranty

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  • Other Details

    Power Source: Green Gas
    Velocity: 380 FPS with 0.20g BBs