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CM030 Electric Pistol with Battery & Charger

CM030 Electric Pistol with Battery & Charger

Power Source Power Source: ElectricVelocity Velocity: 285 FPS
Stock Status
Item #: CM030
Location: E-1-2
30 Day Returns
Retail price: $89.99
Our price: $68.95
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Recommended Accessories:
TSD Competition Grade 6mm plastic airsoft BBs, 0.20g, 5000 rds, white
Leapers Deluxe Commando Belt Holster
Magazine for CM030 and CM122 AEPs
CYMA Extended Magazine for CM030 AEPs, 100 Rounds
CYMA Scope Rail Kit for CM030 AEPs

Product Description
NEW from Cyma The CM030 is an outstanding quality TM G18C AEP clone. Both battery, and magazines interchange.

Features include Metal Gearbox, Metal 30rd. Magazine, Rechargeable 7.2V & charger, Full Auto / Semi Auto function and a solid 285 FPS.

This is one of the hottest electric pistols on the market and an excellent example of real quality from CYMA.

All airsoft guns come with a blazing orange tip. Weight: 2.3 lbs.

Rating: 5
Signature: Anonymous
Location: Wylie, TX
Date: 4
Comment: This thing is juts plain awesome! it shoots at about 7-800 rounds per minute with the included 7.2 volt battery. I would recomend purchasing a spae battery if you can find one. The magazine holds 29 bbs and not one bb more dispite what the description says. But dont feel like you need any spare magazines. The package includes a standard pistol mag shaped speedloader and you can reload the magazine in about 5 seconds with it and it holds enough bbs for 3 and a half complete reloads. This gun is so accuarte i was completely stunned. For having such a low fps its accuracy is jaw dropping. you can hit a dodgeball from as far as the bbs will go before they lose momentum and drop. thats like 75-100 feet! I recomend using .20 gram bbs for this gun. anything highter really doesnt inmrove the already outstanding accuracy and using .12s sometimes makes the gun misfeed and load up to 3 bbs into the chamber at once. I would recomend this gun to anyone who doesnt care about a high fps. Its absolutely outstanding in every way. The only thing i dont like is it is not full metal although to be full metal the only thing that would have to be chnaged is the slide because glocks are almost comletely plastic anyway.
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