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CYMA CM028B AK-47 RIS Folding Stock AEG Airsoft Rifle

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    The Cyma Cm028B Is the perfect budget build airsoft AK. Its full metal body and polymer hand guard are strong and durable. The Under folding stock tucks away easily and doubles as a comfortable fore grip. This gun's version 3 gear box has a velocity of 380 fps with .20 gram BBs and you get great range from its 455mm inner barrel. The full metal magazine included with this gun holds a whopping 600 rounds. The Adjustable hop up lets you dial in your range with ease. This gun is a no brainer to those looking to get started with a decent AK.

    • Magazine Capacity: 600 BBs
    • Velocity: Approx. 380 FPS
    • Caliber: 6mm Plastic Bullets 
    • Power Type: Fully and Semi Auto Electric
    • Integrated R.I.S
    • Metal Gearbox
    • Metal Gears
    • Folding stock
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    1. Sweet!

      This gun is outstanding! Its an almost Exact replica of a real ak-47. The only thing that i have noticed is that the upper receiver(battery cover) is angled a bit differently and is longer and wider that a real one. It is high powered at 350 fps using .20 gram bbs, and is extremely accurate when the hop up is dialed in. The front and rear sights are only adjustable for elevation but the gun shoots straight anyway. Its almost full metal. the only external piece that would be metal on a real ak-47 that is plastic on this one is the lower receiver. although it is a really high quality plastic. I have completely dissembled it multiple times and its is easy to dis and reassemble. it only takes about 2 minutes to completely disassemble it down to its basic components. The hop up is easy to adjust. The battery included with the gun is sufficient but i would recommend buying a spare just in case it runs out in the middle of something. The magazine is great, although unlike other magazines there is no allen key hole to wind it quickly. you must wind it with the wheel on the bottom. It does not quite shoot at 800 rounds per minute as the description says but it shoots at at least 600 to 700 with the included 8.4 volt battery. The battery fully charges in about 4 and a half hours. Finally, the underfolding stock comes in really handy when you dont need it. the only problem is it is a bit wobbley but you get over it. Overall, the gun is great. especially for the price. you get a lot more than other guns the same price. I highly recommend this gun for any beginner airsofter. on Dec 23rd 2014

  • Warranty Information

    30 Day Return, 45 Day Warranty

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  • Other Details

    Power Source: Electric
    Velocity: 380 FPS with 0.20g BBs