Chronographs are used to measure the muzzle velocity and rate of fire for nearly all airsoft guns. A necessity for any field owner and great tool for any airsoft gunsmith!

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  • Fidragon Airsoft Chronograph
    Fidragon Airsoft Chronograph $49.95 Add To Cart
    This device measures the muzzle velocity of your airsoft gun. The Fidragon chronograph can measure your airsoft guns's Feet Per Second, Meters Per Second, Joules, and rounds per minute. Tripod mountable. Requires 4 AA...
  • Swiss Arms Pro-Chronograph, Black
    Swiss Arms Pro-Chronograph, Black $69.95 Add To Cart
    This high quality chronograph measures the velocity and other characteristics of your AEG. This is a must have for anyone doing their own upgrades as can easily measure the performance level of any airsoft gun. This is a...
  • X3200 Chronograph
    X3200 Chronograph $100.00 Add To Cart
    Muzzle velocity Measurement: 10~400MPS Rate of Fire Measurement: 100~9999RMP Muzzle Kinetic Energy Calculation: 0.01~999 Joule Backlight LCD Dot Matrix Display 6 Memory Slots for Different Bullet Weight and Caliber Muzzle...