Chronographs are used to measure the muzzle velocity and rate of fire for nearly all airsoft guns. A necessity for any field owner and great tool for any airsoft gunsmith!

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  • MadBull Airsoft Chronograph Ver. 2, Rechargeable
    MadBull Airsoft Chronograph Ver. 2, Rechargeable $125.00 Add To Cart
    Click Here to Download Manual Special Features: Rechargeable (2xAAA rechargeable batteries not included) USB Power adapter (You can charge it by your computer or you can buy regular USB home or car charger.) Extreme power...
  • Swiss Arms Pro-Chronograph, Black
    Swiss Arms Pro-Chronograph, Black $69.95 Add To Cart
    This high quality chronograph measures the velocity and other characteristics of your AEG. This is a must have for anyone doing their own upgrades as can easily measure the performance level of any airsoft gun. This is a...
  • X3200 Chronograph
    X3200 Chronograph $100.00 Add To Cart
    Muzzle velocity Measurement: 10~400MPS Rate of Fire Measurement: 100~9999RMP Muzzle Kinetic Energy Calculation: 0.01~999 Joule Backlight LCD Dot Matrix Display 6 Memory Slots for Different Bullet Weight and Caliber Muzzle...