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Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade

Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade

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    Airsoft Innovations' Cyclone Green-Gas Powered Airsoft Grenade

    This airsoft grenade functions nearly identically to the famed Airsoft Innovations' Tornado and Impact Grenades. Quickly and easily loaded and charged with pin in place, this mean little airsoft grenade is ready to clear rooms in a flash. When the safety pin is pulled and the grenade thrown, impact against any hard surface will detonate the grenade, spewing upwards of 140 6mm airsoft BBs in a cyclone all directions at nearly 225 FPS (with 0.20g BBs). It's durable and reusable design allows this inexpensive airsoft grenade to easily become part of nearly any airsoft player's kit without breaking the bank. 

    Fires 140 BBs at 225 FPS!

    • 140BB Capacity reuseable airsoft hand grenade
    • Innovative Quantum Drive design delivers more power than any other airsoft grenade
    • Gas powered (green gas, propane or 134a) and fully reusale
    • Sensitive & reliable impact head
    • Easy to reset and reload (no tools, no loose parts)
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    1. Better than the Tornado

      Bought this grenade just last week, haven't used it in a game yet but I tested it on myself in a small room. It is much more powerful in my opinion to the tornado grenade, you feel it when the bb's hit you a lot more so than with the Tornado grenade. and the reload of this grenade takes 20% of the time needed compared to the Tornado grenade and at almost half the cost. Plus there seems to be less parts to break. My biggest complaint of the Tornado was the bottom safety cap if thrown and landed right it would crack and leak gas which makes it useless.
      I would definitely choose the cyclone over the Tornado any day. Due to price and usefulness.
      on Feb 20th 2016

  • Product Videos

    • How to Attach the End Cap of Your Cyclone Grenade
      A quick video for those of you who needed help securing the bo...

    How to Attach the End Cap of Your Cyclone Grenade

    A quick video for those of you who needed help securing the bottom cap of their Cyclone Impact Grenade. Part of the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact FAQ video series.
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