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AGM L96 AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Black

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    The AGM L96 airsoft sniper rifle is modeled after the very popular sniper rifle that is used by military organizations from around the world. This air gun features a solid full metal barrel and bolt assembly, and it is very easy to assemble with a 2 piece construction. This airsoft rifle has a sturdy ABS Stock with an easily adjustable cheek rest. The AGM L96 is a powerful sniper rifle that shoots at 450 FPS with 0.20g BBs (350 FPS with 0.25g BBs).


    • AGM L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
    • 30 Round Magazine
    • Speed Loader
    • Rifle Sling
    • Small pack of BBs
    • Manual
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    1. amazing gun

      This gun is great for the price. It is easy to assemble it has a sturdy build it is comfortable and it is fun to use. When I first fired it I wasn't sure I even shot because the bb moved so fast. My only advice is you should not buy a sniper as your first airsoft gun, it can get really heavy and the shipping is wat to expensive. Overall probably the best airsoft sniper out there. on Mar 4th 2017

    2. AGM L96

      i got this gun about 4 months ago it rocks. the only thing is if you get it tighten the back of the bolt cause that thing will fly off when you are not expecting it to. other than that, it's the best! on Jul 22nd 2016

    3. great

      AWESOME, this gun is beast. Easy to use,fun to shoot. on Jul 22nd 2016

    4. Shoots where you want it to

      I was playing a night-time game so I took off my scope, which isn't included btw, and used just the feel of the gun and the bare sight of the rail and got 3 guys, one in the left nut (480 fps w/ .20gs) and ended up winning the game.The hop -up is easy to adjust, the bolt is beautiful for speed reloading; I can fire off 10 shots in 5 seconds without having a single jam, or a bb getting stuck. The magazine that comes with it is kind of low-quality because I can't put more than 14 bbs inside of it before the spring gets jammed inside the clip and you end up firing blanks or jamming up the rifle. One of the two only things that really bugs me on this rifle is bi-pod mount. It bounces left to right making a lot of noise, as well as scratching the bottom of the barrel. (Side note, I had to use an adapter in order to attach the bipod in the first place and it was hard to find the right one. It also took about two weeks to come in) The other thing is that I can't seem to find a barrel/rail attachment for my laser anywhere on the internet. The barrel is always too big for the three rail attachments I bought, or the attachments are too small, if I could somehow find one that actually works. Anyway, it is an awesome weapon on the field, but the attachments are annoying to find. I would say that this gun in total with the attachment prices would be an overall of about $120. (don't shoot anyone within 10 meters of this gun or they will get a welt) on Mar 27th 2016

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    30 Day Return & Warranty

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  • Other Details

    Power Source: Spring
    Velocity: 450 FPS with 0.20g BBs